About Floral Rhino

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” ―Eleanor Roosevelt

As you browse Floral Rhino in downtown Casper, you’ll find a wonderfully eclectic mix of unexpected and beautiful gifts. Our standard for inventory? It’s got to be something we would enjoy giving or receiving!

Our ever-changing collection includes jewelry, belt buckles, purses, scarves, candles, witty greeting cards, wall art, gift books and home décor. Among our inventory, you’ll find kitchen items, laptop covers, phone holders, pillows, aprons and seasonal items.

About Floral Rhino - casper wy gift boutique

About Floral Rhino

Shopping should be fun! And you’re likely enjoy the thrill of the hunt at Floral Rhino.

Especially if you’re looking for something special, original and uniquely suited your loved one. We’ve even got gifts for friends, colleagues, children, nieces, nephews and grandkids!

It’s not unusual to hear our customers chatting and laughing as they browse the store. After all, smiling customers is our goal. And we want to host you in a charming and lively atmosphere.

You’ll find that we have a flare for design, which is reflected in the light-filled space and interior design elements, such as chandeliers, a refurbished fireplace, an antique carved piano, and hand crafted jewelry cases and sales counters.

Our store was founded in 2011 by Wyoming native, Marcy Martin, and is managed by talented Casper-born and raised Chelsea Kalasinsky.