Gift Ideas for Mom from Floral Rhino

Mom will never be caught off guard with the Minimergency Kit for Moms: A very handy item to have in her purse, the car, or at the office. This kit comes in a stylish metallic silver pouch with zipper and contains 17 anti-meltdown items such as lip balm, breath freshener, dental floss, emery board, deodorant, pain reliever, and caffeine gum. Continue reading Gift Ideas for Mom from Floral Rhino

Floral Rhino Logo Products

Floral Rhino’s logo products are fun, fashionable, and perfect for spring! Our logo colors are bright and cheery, and we have created some pieces you will be proud to wear. Continue reading Floral Rhino Logo Products

Welcome to Floral Rhino

I absolutely love gift giving. I love the whole process of searching for the perfect, unique gift for friends, family, or any occasion. I like to spend time and attention on the important people in my life by looking for gifts I know they will appreciate, admire, and put to use. Continue reading Welcome to Floral Rhino