Floral Rhino Logo Products

Floral Rhino’s logo products are fun, fashionable, and perfect for spring! Our logo colors are bright and cheery, and we have created some pieces you will be proud to wear.

The Floral Rhino symbolizes the best of all things female. It is bold, yet feminine. Currently we have three items featuring the Floral Rhino:

Floral Rhino Logo T-shirt
T-shirt weather is here, and the Floral Rhino Logo White Burnout Tee is a winsome twist on the basic white tee. The Rhino is tastefully placed on the lower right body of the tee creating a perfect accent, while still maintaining the universality of the basic white tee.

Floral Rhino Belt BuckleOur Floral Rhino Belt Buckle is made by transferring the logo onto white genuine leather, but due to the unique process, it retains all of its bright details. Each belt buckle is completely weather-proof & extremely durable. It’s a cinch to interchange the buckle on a variety of belts to go with a wide range of outfits.

Hats are in! Our Floral Rhino Hat is military-style of washed white cotton. For those days when you are on the go, you can be out the door in minutes looking stylishly together. The embroidered teal rhino adds that extra splash of color and panache!

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