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I absolutely love gift giving. I love the whole process of searching for the perfect, unique gift for friends, family, or any occasion. I like to spend time and attention on the important people in my life by looking for gifts I know they will appreciate, admire, and put to use.

As I looked for gift ideas, I started creating and giving original, hand-crafted, beaded jewelry. I enjoyed this hobby so much; I was encouraged by my friends and family to have jewelry “parties.” I even decided to open a little Etsy store selling my jewelry. It was a great experience, and I developed my sense of design and craftsmanship.

Floral Rhino Gift ShopIt has always been a dream of mine to open a retail shop where I could sell my jewelry, as well as some of the personal finds and unique gifts I have come across. I was so blessed to be able to stay home with my two boy’s during their pre-school years. However, I knew that when they started school full time, I was going to have to find something to keep me busy. My dream started to evolve when, in early 2011, everything came together…boys both in school in the fall, PERFECT historic building located downtown, and more drive than I could contain.

I jumped into retail with both feet, and I haven’t looked back. Every day I get to combine my love for treasure hunting with delighting my customers with a fun and inspiring shopping experience. I search for original products both online and during travel, and I am always striving to bring my clientele exclusive and unique gift ideas.

Most recently I have expanded into online retail, making products available to you 24/7 at FloralRhino.com. This enables you to shop at Floral Rhino from the convenience of your own home at any time. Visit the site, and I think you’ll see why Floral Rhino has become the ‘go to’ resource for unique and original gifts and products for many of my clients.

Come and see us in downtown Casper, or check out the retail shop in our Store Gallery. Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Pinterest, as we update you on the latest finds.

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