About Floral Rhino

Like a breath of fresh air...

Floral Rhino owner, Marcy Martin, describes Floral Rhino as fresh and vibrant. “Shopping should be fun. It’s not unusual to hear our customers chatting and laughing as they browse the store.” Smiling customers is what Marcy wants, and she has taken care to create a charming and lively atmosphere for shopping. Her flair for the original is reflected in the light filled space and interior design elements such as chandeliers, a refurbished fireplace, an antique carved piano, and hand crafted jewelry cases and sales counters.


Marcy takes pleasure in finding just the right gift for friends and family. The desire to give original gifts fueled her venture into handcrafted jewelry which she gave to friends and sold on Etsy. She has always enjoyed the hunt for something special, something original, or something uniquely suited to the person receiving the gift.


Marcy Martin Bio Photo


As she continued to develop her creativity and gift making, Marcy decided to launch a retail store in downtown Casper, Wyoming where she could showcase her favorite gift giving finds. She also wanted to do more than just sell gift items, she wanted to provide an entertaining shopping experience.
As you browse Floral Rhino downtown or online, you’ll find a wonderfully eclectic mix of unexpected and beautiful items. Marcy’s standard for including an item in her inventory is that it must be something she would enjoy giving or receiving. Her collection includes custom designed jewelry, belt buckles, purses , scarves, candles, witty wall art, gift books, and home décor.
Marcy has a particular appreciation for items that serve a practical purpose, yet exude personal style. Among her inventory you will find kitchen items which are anything but ordinary, laptop covers, phone holders, pillows, and aprons to name a few.
Floral Rhino hasn’t forgotten that many of their customers have children, nieces, nephews and grandkids. “One of the shopping challenges we all face is the baby shower or child’s birthday. While we carry the onesies and some basics baby will need, we strive to carry those items that go beyond the basics and are truly memorable keepsakes.”
Visit Floral Rhino in downtown Casper, or browse the ever expanding inventory of items at FloralRhino.com.
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