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As you browse through Floral Rhino in downtown Casper, Wyoming, each turn of the head reveals more treasure. From the beautiful lighting to the use of up-cycled antique displays, from the custom decor and wonderfully unique product line, it’s a breath of fresh air.

This is boutique shopping with a light hearted genius. Customers laugh and chat as they delight over the surprises they discover. The name ‘Floral Rhino’ describes the store well: a decidedly feminine essence with undertones of bold, adventurous inspiration.

Floral Rhino is a place you will want to revisit often. Meet your friends here to shop for the special people in your life, and we encourage you to see yourself as one of those special people. Treat yourself and others to choice items of jewelry, accessories, art, books, home décor, hostess wares, office style, baby goods, and signature logo wear.